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Symbiotic Remixes - Deya Dova

Symbiotic Remixes

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Symbiotic Remixes - Track List

1. Footsteps In The Stars (Temple Step Project & DJ Dakini Remix) 06:19

2. Sky Roarer (Whitebear Remix) 08:34

3. Symbiotic (Drumspyder Remix) 06:34

4. Bone Dance (Dancing Tiger Tribal Trap Remix) 05:41

5. Grandmother Tree & The Feathered Serpent (Kalya Scintilla Remix) 07:29

Remixes of Deya Dova's Shamanic Global Bass release Symbiotic.

Label - Desert Trax
Mastering - Benjamin Last 
Additional Mixing on Bone Dance - Benjamin Last
Cover Design & Artwork - Deya Dova