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The Deep Abzu (Morillo Remix)

The Deep Abzu (Morillo Remix)

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From the teleportive epicentre of an ancient stone circle in South Africa comes the 5th remix of the Planetary Grid Music Collection!

A hypnotic and sensual, electronic earth grind of - The Deep Abzu - remixed by West Coast Bass producer and groove master Morillo!

Morillo drops it deep with layered polyrhythmic beats, pulsating synths and 808 bass. Fusing tribal vocal cuts and spacious electronica into a smooth grooved landscape and sexy global dance floor immersion.

The original song was recorded live in the golden savanna, at the centre of the ancient stone calendar known today as Adam’s Calendar. Inside major vortex region UVG 41 - South Africa. 

The original song of The Deep Abzu is from album 10 of the Planetary Grid Music Collection.