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The Legends of Lemuria (Akriza Remix)

The Legends of Lemuria (Akriza Remix)

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From the mystical deep waters of Kauai Island comes the 4th remix of the Planetary Grid Music Collection! A super lush, big bass, ancient future dance floor celebration of - The Legends of Lemuria -  remixed by fresh Portland, Oregon producer Akriza who is making waves in conscious Bass Music scene.

Akriza conjures up a succulent soundscape of uplifting melodies, exotic organic instrumentation and shimmering sonic beauty way, that levitates the otherworldly vocals and swells to drop into expansive bass horizons.⁠

Deya Dova received and recorded the original song sitting on a submerged rock in the waters of an underground wet cave on Kauai Island, Hawaii. Inside UVG Grid Point 16 - North Pacific Ocean. This song is infused with frequencies that invoke the mystical mana of antediluvian Lemuria to resurface into consciousness and remembering.  

As we dream awake a more beautiful world - may you dance, vision and embody from the ancient memories of the Golden Ages you have lived before.
Album Cover Design ∆ Deya Dova

The original song of The Legends of Lemuria is from album 4 of the Planetary Grid Music Collection.