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Blood Of Earth - Deya Dova

Blood Of Earth

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From an incredible 7 year journey singing and recording live on the Earth’s energy lines at over 44 locations across the planet, Deya Dova releases the 6th of 12 mini albums from her Planetary Grid Music Collection.

Blood of Earth is recorded live with the ancient remnants of two prehistoric lakes in the Great Basin of United States. The Great Salt Lake of Utah and Pyramid Lake Nevada, both situated on yin earth energy lines of the UVG World Energy Grid.

These 6 deeply moving songs are recorded live with the primordial waters. Connecting the listener with the circulatory system of our living planet. Sung realtime wading through the hyper saline, pink waters of the Great Salt Lake. Beside the mysteriously beautiful remnant of ancient Lake Lahontan. Amidst the mythological tufa limestone formations of Pyramid Lake. And in the awe inspiring sunsets and sunrises of the Great Basin Desert, where the waters turn a burnt rose, gold and magenta. Liquid like blood plasma. Surviving droplets of blood on the surface of an antiquitus skin. Seventy percent of the earths surface is water. Seventy percent of our human body is water. Coexisting living tissue. Interbeing. Co-evolving. Returning now to an understanding of the Human family bloodline that includes the Earth.