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Voices In the Stone - Deya Dova

Voices In the Stone

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From an incredible 7 year journey singing and recording live on the Earth’s energy lines at over 44 locations across the planet, Deya Dova releases the 1st of 12 albums from her Planetary Grid Music Collection. Voices in the Stone is recorded live in the vortex area of the largest energy line intersection in Australia, UVG Grid Point 44 Flinders Ranges.

This body of music is a hauntingly beautiful tapestry of melody and memory that teleports the listener into the heart of the Dreamtime. Tapping us directly into the resonant, connective field. Timeless songlines, filled with sentience and stories from a time before time began.

Deya sings in ancient languages that arise spontaneously in response to the land. Songs that transmit the rejuvenating harmony, energy, frequency and vibration stored at this powerful energy centre. One can hear the Old Ones echos through time, the rocks, the wind, the elements speaking through the songs. Even the voice of Earth herself. Enter the deep, mysterious quite of eons of time on the oldest continent of our planet.