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Call to the Quetzal (Savej Remix)

Call to the Quetzal (Savej Remix)

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From the megalithic landscape of the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico comes the 8th remix of the Planetary Grid Music Collection. A luminous, elegantly exotic global bass remix of - CALL TO THE QUETZAL - by one of our favourite ancient future producers SAVEJ. We love this remix!

SAVEJ drops it delicious with his tasty tribal beats and percussion, worldly instrumentation and a phat funky, global bass groove. Synthesising the primordial, bird like vocal songline with organic electronica to activate portals and teleport the dance floor through multidimensional time and space.

The original song was recorded in the stillness of dawn at the foot of the Temple of the Feathered Serpent, Chichen Itza, Mexico. Located within the major vortex region of UVG Planetary Grid Point 18, Bermuda Triangle.

“I sit on the Earth listening to the limestone plateau and the turquoise cenote beneath the great temple of the feathered serpent. The dawn sky fills with golden light and I am surrounded by the song of birds. My spirit soars in to join the celebration. I sing in reverence of all that has gone before and all that is still to come. Here in the magical timelessness of connection a warm wind of goodness and light sweeps in and around the complex like a resplendent quetzal.” Deya Dova

May this music connect you with all that is good and light within your own ancient self.

Cover Design ∆ Deya Dova