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Planetary Grid Music Collection 12 Albums

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The complete 12 album Planetary Grid Music Collection recorded at over 33 locations on the Earth's energy lines across the planet. A wellspring of vibrational music at your fingertips to keep you connected to the healing resonance of Earth.

Receive these bonuses when you purchase the 12 album collection :

Exclusive Videos

Stunning videos accompany each album including the intimate behind the scenes videos we don't share on social media. Directly connecting you with the experience of being at these incredible sacred places.

Exclusive Photos

Each album comes with an exclusive photos series so you can connect with the deep beauty of these stunning Earth energy sites.

Personal Song Transmissions

Deya's personal writing that gives the energetic translation of each song and shares the inner experience of each recording.

Bird Tribe Community Circle
Connect with a global tribe of like minds inside our own private online forum. To strengthen and uplift the collective. It is more private and intimate than social media groups.

A Percentage Of All Funds Is Donated To Conservation Projects
So together collectively we help make a difference to protect our sacred Earth and waters.

When you purchase the 12 album music collection you will receive an email within 24hrs with details to access music downloads and bonus content.

 Listen To Some Samples From Each Album