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Planetary Grid Music Journey

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JOIN THE JOURNEY to receive the entire Planetary Grid Music Collection. Released as an exclusive series of 12 mini albums, with the first 7 albums available now. PLUS access LIVE CALLS with Deya Dova, Energy Line Connection Meditations, Deya's Personal Song Transmissions, Exclusive Photos & Videos, Deya's Ongoing Research & Exploration of the Earth's Energetic Field, and the ENTIRE DEYA DOVA DIGITAL DISCOGRAPHY!!! and more. .


The Entire Planetary Grid Music Collection.
All 12 mini albums that transport you around the planet. Downloads for home, car and mobile as well as an exclusive streamable playlist.

This collection of music is a perfect companion for your creativity, meditation, yoga, relaxation, journeying, healing and more. So far the first 7 albums have been released with a new album coming approximately each month.

Access Exclusive Live Calls
Join Deya on private live video calls for each album. Deya shares the experience and deeper information of the recording locations and leads live energy line connection meditations to connect you in with the Earth's energetic field. Deya also holds in-depth 'ask me anything' question and answer sessions.

Coming together on these calls creates a really inspiring experience. And many people say it confirms and accelerates the awakenings they are having in their own lives.

If you can’t make it to the call, each call is recorded and archived to watch in your own time.

Bonus Additional Information
For those of you who want to dive deeper, with every single Planetary Grid album there is a wealth of downloadable bonus additional information & material.

- Deya's personal song transmissions and notes about the recording experience of each song.

- Energy line connection meditation MP3's downloadable from the live call meditations.

- Additional information on the Earth’s energetic field to expand your awareness and consciousness. Deya shares all her own personal research with you and the latest information she speaks about festivals worldwide.

- Environmental awareness and positive actions to help protect the Earth. Sharing the inspiring projects and actions that are happening to protect the land and water from each Energy line area.

- Grid line maps that give the visual representation of how the energy lines are connected

- As well as exclusive photos, video and vlogs from each song. That put you right next to Deya as she recording in these incredible ancient places.

All this material is a perfect accompaniment to the music and live calls and is like a living breathing diary book that is unfolding with each album release. A collection of inspiration, knowledge & wisdom sharing and positive environmental action.

The Complete Deya Dova Discography
Also included is the entire Deya Dova digital discography!! All the 9 albums that have taken Deya Dova touring around the world and sold 10’s of thousands of copies worldwide. You can download every album!

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Technical Support
If you are tech challenged we have got you! There is full tech support if you need help. As well as a FAQ section with clear walk throughs & answers to all your questions.

30 Day Unconditional Money - Back Guarantee
If for any reason you do not love this music experience we refund your money no questions asked.

A Percentage Of All Funds Is Donated To Conservation Projects
So together collectively we help make a difference to protect our sacred Earth and waters.

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