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The Great Living Library (Jakare Remix)

The Great Living Library (Jakare Remix)

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From the monumental limestone grandeur of Kura Tawhiti, New Zealand comes the 7th remix of the Planetary Grid Music Collection! A super uplifting & celebratory Organic House remix of  - The Great Living Library - by Italian duo & masterful multi instrumentalists Jakare!

Fresh new folktronica duo Jakare (Halfred & Lo.Renzo) weave the mystical South American instrumentation of charango, panpipes, flutes and tribal percussion together with full power vocals that soar with vortexual Earth energy, to deliver a deep shamanic dance floor journey that spirals up into banger euphoric crescendos. This is Happy Music to revive the spirit!

The Original Song was recorded live amidst the stones of the ancient Earth library Kura Tawhiti, Castle Hill in New Zealand. The place the Dali Lama named “the Spiritual Centre of the Universe”. Inside UVG Grid Point 45, South Pacific Ocean.  

May this music uplift your ancient spirit and fill you with the effervescence of Life.


The Great Living Library original song is from album 11 The Pacific Portal